Tell Me Your (Yoga) Story : Courtney

Courtney Zeimet

Meet Courtney Zeiment. She lives in Winona, MN with her fiance and two fur babies. This girl is full of life with a huge heart. She is a Licensed Professional School Counselor at Winona Senior High School and also volleyball and softball coach. She says that at times, supporting adolescents and helping to plan their futures can be mentally and emotionally draining. For her, this is where yoga come in.

In one word, what is yoga to you?


How did you start practicing yoga?

I started the practice more seriously in 2014 in my last year of graduate school at Winona State University. Now, I am no rock star on the mat.... But I have taken comfort in understanding that yoga isn't about that at all.

What does your practice look like now?

I took a book study on living yoga's principles off the mat with Heather and some fun ladies. It changed my world. We can all learn so much about mindfulness, breath work, and being grateful for all the world has to offer us.

Favorite pose & why?

As an antsy and anxious person, I have found relief in Yin yoga. Any pose in Yin truly forces me to be present and relax.

How has yoga made your life better?

To say yoga has changed my life is a total understatement.