A Lesson in Authenticity

This past week, I spent  five days in Colorado with my husband and daughter. I had this fantasy of going on long hikes in the Rockies with Elmarie strapped on my back looking up at the trees and loving every moment of it.

Well, here was the reality: We started the hike and she got way too cold because I didn’t dress her properly (parent fail), she only stayed in the carrier for about one mile and then she started screaming, and screaming, and screaming. So, I took her out and carried her on my hip for the rest of the hike. This hike was supposed to be a 5-mile loop leading to a lake where we would eat the sandwiches I made and Ellie could maybe run around. Well, we kept walking and walking and walking and there was no lake. My husband started to panic because as we kept walking, Ellie kept getting colder. We finally accepted that we made a wrong turn or did something wrong, and called a rescue team to come get us when we finally got some service. We made it to the trail head and were greeted by a sheriff who proceeded to drive us 20 minutes back to our car. We never even ate the sandwiches!

This was not in my fantasy, but it was my reality.

I have been thinking a lot about the fantasy vs. the reality of things lately. After telling this story to someone, she said, “Wow! That makes me feel so much better because it makes me realize you’re just like me.” This stopped me in my tracks. What she was saying is that what we portray our lives to be especially on social media is hardly the full truth. The things that people don’t see is what makes us human.

The truth is…

I sometimes cry because I have no idea if I’m doing this whole parenting thing right.
I struggle with body image.
I swear too much.
I had to grow up way too fast.
I care too much what people think of me.
I suck at doing laundry and cooking.
I started a garden and only got one deformed tomato.
I drove on top of a car once.
I miss my family.

The list goes on and on…

These messy parts of our life make us feel less alone.

Everyone has a story and everyone has a struggle.

We get to choose how we show-up in the world and how we treat others.
Let go of judgment.
Choose compassion. Choose kindness. 

Be authentic.

Show up as you are, not how you think you should be.
Stop comparing yourself to others.

Just do you.

Muddy Waters Yoga is founded on the idea that life is muddy. There are so many examples of this in today's world. Our work is trying to find some ease in the muddiness.

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All the love