5 Essential Oils to Use Every Day

One of the things that I am totally obsessed with is essential oils. I got into them about a year ago, but really didn't understand all the therapeutic effects and all the different uses.

Funny story, my mother-in-law came over one day and gave me at least 50 oils because she wasn't using them and thought that I would like them. I proceeded to smell them, and if I liked the smell, I kept it, and if not, I gave it away. Well, if you're into essential oils, you know that they aren't cheap! And come to find out, I gave away some of the super rare (and expensive!) oils and blends. Oh well, someone benefited. A year passes, and I've done more and more research on how to use oils in my daily life. I've been using them in my yoga classes for years, but there are so many other ways to use them. 

Here are a list of a few of my favorite oils and some ideas on how to use them on a daily basis. 


Ways I Use Lavender:

1. Skincare
Put a few drops of lavender and frankincense on a konjac sponge to keep a youthful glow. 
Dilute with coconut oil and use as lotion after a bath.

2. Calm down. 
Put a drop of lavender behind your ear to help you relax and ease anxiety. 
Diffuse lavender in the evening. 

3. Insomnia
Diffuse in the bedroom. 


Ways I Use Frankincense:

1. Skincare
See above! Put a few drops on a konjac sponge with lavender to wash your face.
Use Frankincense on blemishes or rashes. 

2. Meditation
Diffuse during mediation or put a few drops on your wrists and inhale. 


Ways I Use Copaiba:

1. Sore muscles
Dilute with coconut oil and put on topically. Great oil for inflammation. 
Side note: This is quickly becoming one of my favorite oils. I will use it after a workout to prevent soreness. 

2. Digestion
Put a few drops on your stomach to help aid digestion.
I have digestion issues, so I keep this oil along with DiGize in my purse.  


Ways I Use Lemon:

1. Kitchen
Diffuse in the kitchen to freshen the space. 
Put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it next to the garbage. 

2. Water
Put a drop in a cup of warm water in the morning. Stir! 

3. Cleaning products
Lemon oil, tea tree oil, and water for a natural disinfectant. 

Stress Away

Ways I Use Stress Away:

1. Yoga
I use this at the end of almost all of my classes to help students relax into savasana. 

2. Anxiety and Stress
Diffuse this to lessen feelings of anxiety and stress. 
Inhale directly. 

3. Perfume
Put a few drops on wrists or behind ears. 

Essential oils are a great natural alternative to many chemicals found in skincare products and household cleaners. There is a ton of research on the aromatherapy benefits of oils so much so that hospitals around the country are using them. 

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