(n.) any place of residence or refuge


As a kid, I moved around a lot never staying at a school for more than a couple years until I got to high school. I remember always longing for that home feeling. When I moved to Winona 10 years ago, I instantly felt that feeling of home. This last month we hosted yoga on the bluff, an event that brings people together to practice yoga in one of Winona’s most scenic places. As we started, in the background you could hear the Winona Municipal Band practicing (along with the sound of a few goats!). It was just perfect, and it just gave me this overwhelming gratitude to live here. Whether it’s the bluffs, the lakes, the river, hiking trails, there is no lack of beauty here.

I invite you to find what home means to you.

How do you define home? For me, it’s a place where I feel like I belong, where I feel a sense of peace, and where I feel so much love.

How do you feel at home in your body? Is it a restorative yin class, a walk in the woods, a boat ride on the Mississippi, a good book on your couch?

Make your home your refuge by inviting all the things you love into it and leaving all the things that make it feel cluttered or busy remembering that our home is our body too.

To celebrate Winona, a place so many of us call home, we are excited to announce a new event that we will host in September, Yoga on the Levee. Think Yoga on the Bluff, just down the hill… more details to come, but save the date - September 15.

Love Winona as much as me? Share what you love about this sweet town in the comments.

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