(n.) the quality or state of being strong


I was recently at the studio when one of our members stopped me. She shared that since she had been coming to the studio this past year, she has never heard anyone talk about losing weight or wanting to look differently, not once. I realized that she was right.

When I was in high school and into my college years, I desperately struggled with my body. I always wanted it to look differently. I became obsessive about what I put in it, and it never felt enough. Then, I found yoga. I remember being in a yoga class and for the first time looking at my legs and thinking, “Wow, they’re strong.”

That’s when things started to shift for me, and my perspective started to shift from what my body wasn’t to what it was.

As I write this now, I truly love my body.

This body that created a life, and those stretch marks that prove it.
These legs that can hold me up in those killer barre classes.

My mantra this month is to come to class because I get to and I want to, not because I should or I feel like I have to.

People will try to sell you quick fixes. They will jump on your insecurities and make you think you need to look or be different.

But here’s the thing… it’s a vicious cycle. A number on a scale doesn’t make us happy, nor does the size of our pants.

What makes us happy is that we feel good. And, dang, moving, breathing and sweating feels good.

Next time you sign up for class, do it because you want to feel good, do it for the feeling at the end, do it for the moment when you push past what you thought was possible, do it for you.

Tell us what you love about your strong body over in the comments. 

Big love,