Tell Me Your (Yoga) Story: Britnee

Britnee Weisz

Meet Britnee. She's 26 and currently living in Bismarck, ND. She's in the process of picking up and moving to the beautiful Duluth, MN, where she will finish her degree in Geographic Information Systems. Life and nature are two things that really make her come alive. There is beauty in this world!

In one sentence, what is yoga to you? 

Yoga is finding my balance.

How did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga 5 years ago, after my sister spoke of all its benefits. Being as I was born a flexible gal, I gave it a shot and immediately fell in love. Through the years it's amazing to see how not only physically, but how much mentally I've grown.

What does your practice look like now on the mat and off the mat? 

Although life tends to get in the way, I always try to remind myself to come back to the mat. It's a great release. I enjoy going to classes around town and am lucky enough to have two friends in training to become yoga teachers. So whether I'm at home or at a friends, there is always room for yoga.  I also enjoy challenging myself with new poses!

Favorite pose & why? 

Ooh tough one! One of my favorites is Joyful Warrior Pose. Not only do I feel strong in my stance, it also makes me feel open to life's joys, peace, and all good energies

How has yoga made your life better?

Beside the wonderful physical benefits, yoga has taught me peace of mind. The ability to really connect with myself and to connect with life itself. There is so much room for me to grow, I can't wait. Until the day I am no longer able to move I will be practicing yoga!

Instagram: bweisz