Tell Me Your (Yoga) Story : Kirsten

Kirsten Bray 

Meet Kirsten Bray, my step-mama and soul-sister. She has the biggest heart and will be there on a dime when you need a pick-me-up. When asked what makes her come alive she says: Family (especially her grandchildren!). She loves being active and seeing the difference that she can make as a nurse in the Emergency Room.

In one sentence, what is yoga to you?

My moving meditation that offers me peace, contentment, acceptance and time to just be.

How did you start practicing yoga?

I have to give Heather a lot of the credit.  I used to think yoga was too slow and not beneficial.  Heather convinced me to try it again. My life at that time was a mess; my marriage was rocky, I had finished school, and although I was in a job I loved I felt like I had nowhere to go in life, I had other family issues, the list goes on.  Basically I was miserable with my life, but mostly with myself.  I found a coupon to try classes at a local studio.  I was hooked.  I took a meditation class and really started to find myself.  Today I credit my yoga practice with changing my entire life.  I am so much more focused and confident and best of all I like myself, flaws and all, and this has improved every aspect of my life. 

What does your practice look like now on the mat and off the mat?

I try and practice at least 4 times a week if I can.  I love trying new studios and instructors because I learn something new at every class I take and from everyone I meet.  I try to take everything I have learned on the mat out into the world with me.  The biggest thing is to breathe off the mat and to do things mindfully and find joy in as much as possible.  

What is your favorite pose & why?

Warrior II
I feel so strong and powerful in this post and it leads into so many other poses. 

How has yoga made your life better? 

Oh boy... this this question I could answer for days.  There is no part of my life that yoga has not improved.  Physically I am stronger, longer, leaner from my practice.  Mentally, yoga has given me strength and focus. Spiritually, yoga has healed my soul.  I was broken for so long, felt like I had little to offer the world, and depended on others to qualify my worth. I only worried about others and spent almost zero time taking care of myself.  Today I know I have so much to offer and that I am worth it. My time on my mat is spent inward letting my feelings flow and taking the time to really feel them or I can spend my hour not thinking about anything except moving my body.  I have come to a point that I don't worry about what everyone else is doing during class, no competition, just the joy of what my body and mind can do with no limits. 

Instagram: pkbray212