Muddy Waters Yoga STUDIO

I'm opening a yoga studio.

I've waited so long to officially and publicly announce that I get to follow a big dream of mine and continue to bring yoga to the Winona area in a different way and live out my vision and passion. This endeavor goes beyond me. Please read on to hear the inspiration and why behind the studio:

I started dating my now husband in 2011, and with that came a whole group of friends that I had to meet. One evening I was home alone with my three step-sons. Kati, one of my husband’s friends who I had only briefly met the week before, texted me asking what I was doing that night and if she could bring up ice cream for me and the boys. My first instinct was to make up an excuse. Why? Because I had just met this woman, and thought how awkward it would be, etc. etc… Can anyone relate? Thankfully, I said yes, and she came up with not one, but three different kinds of ice cream. The awkwardness lasted maybe a minute, and then we started talking, and it just felt right. That’s the only way I can describe it.

This parallels yoga in many ways. Think of the first time you stepped on the mat or tried anything new, really? I don’t know about you, but I made up excuses why I shouldn’t go or why I couldn’t go. We do it all the time. The excuses I’ve told myself… “I won’t know what to do.” “I’m not flexible enough.” “What if I look stupid?” “I’m too tired.” The list goes on… and on… Yet, I said “yes” and really that made all the difference. The moment I stepped on the mat, I knew there was something more about this relationship, something deeper that I needed to explore.

Back to Kati, she was one of the first people I ever taught yoga to. She came to my house one Saturday morning and we did yoga. It was beautiful. I remember this morning so vividly because we had just received news that Kati had cancer. Cancer that would take her away from us at only 27 years old. I don’t know if I will ever fully understand why she was taken so young, but I do know that she has never left me, or anyone that she met. She had this truly vibrant energy that was contagious. She taught me so many things in the very short time that I knew her, and she is still teaching me. Today.

My husband and I often say, “Let’s take the long way home” because that’s what Kati would say. She teaches me to slow down and enjoy life. When I get into a fight with the kids, she teaches me to look at the situation and realize it’s okay to forgive and really, it’s not that big of a deal. She teaches me to come back to what really matters and be grateful for every. single. moment. She taught me that life is short, and when inspiration hits, go for it, and don't let fear hold you back from that special gift you have to share with the world.

Let me close by saying that I want the studio to be a place where every person who walks in can come back to their center and find gratitude. I want this to be a place that teaches you to slow down and take a step back and. My hope is that every time you leave you are able to live a more wholehearted life. 

Muddy Waters Yoga Studio's name was inspired by a quote from Buddha, "May I live like the lotus, at ease in muddy water." Let's face it, life is messy, for all of us. Yoga helps us find ease and live a more blissful life. Our time on the mat helps to quiet the mind and teaches us to thrive and grow amidst the messiness of being human. The lotus flower grows in the muddiest of waters and is a beautiful symbol that through mindfulness we can reach clarity. Kati was the lotus, she remained vibrant, the whole way through.

We will dedicate this space to Kati. Above the door before you walk out of the studio, there will be a sign that reads: "Take the long way home"  as a reminder to all of us how precious life is. Thank you for reading, and please know that the studio serves as a place for EVERYONE. I envision you walking in the door, taking off your shoes, rolling out your mat, and letting out a big...


The studio will open its doors spring 2017. We will offer heated (80-90 degrees heated!) and non-heated yoga classes as well as barre classes. Our heat will come from state of the art infrared heating panels that penetrate the skin and help you move deeper into your practice. We will have a small boutique where we will sell anything from yoga mats, essential oils, awesome Muddy Waters tees, and more! Stay tuned to see the progress as we build our space, meet our amazing instructors, and share in this journey. We would love to hear what you would like to see in your yoga studio. Fill out this survey so that we can better serve you!

Big Love,


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