Muddy Waters Yoga Etiquette

If you would be so kind to:

  • Pre-register for classes online in order to save your mat space.

  • Please de-register for classes (at least 2 hours prior) if you can no longer attend.

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Our door is locked 5 minutes after class begins.

  • If the door is locked, a class is in session or we are closed.

  • Remove your shoes in the lobby.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Please be mindful of the items you bring into the space.

  • Turn off sound and vibrate options on all electronic devices.

  • If you have any health concerns, please inform the teacher before the class begins.

  • Mats are available for rent for $2, please clean it after your session. This service is free for members.

  • Please avoid wearing heavy scents in the studio.



What is yoga?

Yoga is considered both an art and a science of living. Yoga is a multi-disciplinary system designed to support an individual on his or her journey to self realization. The aspect of yoga that we practice primarily in the western world is the physical movement practice better known as ‘asana’. One of the beauties of the physical practice of yoga is that the poses both support and sustain your other everyday activities- however active or inactive you might be.

Why do you refer to yoga classes as a practice?

Yoga is a ‘work-in’, the work-out happens naturally. Think of yoga as less like a sport and more like a personal journey. There are many elements of yoga to master, such as breath, mindfulness, postures, alignment, and personal awareness to name a few. Each time you enter a yoga class your body and mind will be in a different state. Sometimes a pose can feel easy and sometimes it takes intense focus. There is no such thing as perfection in the competitive sense, so just experience the challenge of the journey. Yoga takes practice, therefore we like to call it just that.

What is Barre?

Barre is a combination of yoga, Pilates, and dance. We use small isometric movements to get a deep muscle burn and then move big. Longer holds fatigue the muscles creating long lean muscles. Barre will push you to the edge in the best way possible and open to all fitness levels.

How do I register for classes?

Go to our scheduling page and find the class you’d like to attend. Fill in your email address and name. That’s it! You can pay for class before you arrive or once you get to the studio.

How do I deregister for classes?

Go to our scheduling page and click on my account on the top. You will create a password that will allow you to login and deregister for any class you can no longer attend. You can also do this on the MindBody app.

Can I do the classes if I’m pregnant?

Yoga and barre are wonderful for women in all stages of pregnancy. We do not recommend pregnant women attend Power Flow if it's not already in your pregnancy due to the heat. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before participating and talk to your teacher about participation.


Online Booking Guidelines

Late cancel or no show policy

You are only able to sign yourself up for class. If you sign up for class and cannot make it, cancel your reservation online at least 2 hours before the class start time. If you late cancel (within the 2 hours prior to the class start time) or do not show up for class, please see below:

Members: $5 fee will be processed to your card on file
Class Pack Holders: Cancelled class will remain deducted from total classes.
Introductory special: $5 fee will be processed to your card on file.

Please note we do not take reservations or cancellations via phone.